About You

You are a busy, successful New Yorker who thrives on the fast pace but still takes the time to walk their dog before and after work. Whenever possible, you keep up with the latest ideas, science, and history of dogs, eager to learn something that might help you better understand your canine companion. For you, having a dog in the city is well worth the hour of joy you get for every minute challenge. You understand that your dog getting a walk while you’re out for the day is not just a vanity expense but vital for your pet’s continued education and well being. You care enough to work on improving your dog’s behavioral foibles but still appreciate her individual idiosyncrasies.

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place!

You believe in being active in your treasured pets’ lives. Whether you call them your pet, best friend, or fur kid, you know that yours is a genuine relationship with an intelligent being with a mind and feelings of its own. It’s our job to provide extra know-how for you and a great daily experience for your pooch, but you are number one in making sure your dog has a wonderful life.

Why not choose a dog walking service that cares as much as you do?