Putting Paws to Pavement

Putting Paws to Pavement
by Logan Grendel
Paperback, 126 pages

Logan Grendel’s primer on urban dog walking is now available! Putting Paws to Pavement can help you wrap your head around the life of the modern dog, so you’ll have an easier time when you wrap your fingers around the leash. A collection of well-researched information, prose, and mental meditations, this book is a whole-dog approach to using positive methods in a city setting. The walk is the basis of your dog’s day, and Putting Paws to Pavement can help both human and canine enjoy it to the fullest.

Walking dogs in the city does present a unique series of challenges, though. In the end, these challenges will make you a lot closer to your dog and even more in tune with their responses to many different stimuli. As with most things about dogs, it is always assumed that people will know how to walk their dog. The way I see it, one could say that many common things are “easy” to do at base, but to excel takes a consistent, mindful combination of practice and study. Dog walking is one of these things. You may figure it out on your own, perhaps, but why should you have to? I have walked or worked with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dogs in one of the loudest, most populous, and ever-changing cities that has ever existed. To my credit, I’ve done so without a single dog deciding they would rather just take a taxi.”

“The walk is a foundation of your relationship with your dog. It is your daily adventure, wherein you and your trusted hound contend with the world. It is the time of day your dog looks forward to with tremendous excitement, often with yips of delight and out-of-control-metronome fast tail wagging. If your dog kept a journal, the longest entries would be accounts of the day’s walk. Practically speaking, this is the only time you spend where you experience the wider world in real time together. Training sessions are great fun (and necessary!) but they are more like school than shared experience. On the walk, you and your dog are together on one accord, a team.”

“The walk in the city is an unnaturally unending kaleidoscope of sensory input. The miasma of scent, the orchestra of sound, the dynamic moving pictures of sight are all there, each at maximum output level. In the city, the walk is like nothing else nature has to offer. It is beautiful, challenging, sometimes overwhelming. The dog adapts. The walk with a dog is a reminder of the world untamed, unclaimed, and unknown. Armed with only rudimentary tools and one once-wild friend, humans came out of the forest and into the campfire circle, then the village, then the town, then the city.”

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