Logan is simply the best. He understands not just how to get a dog to “behave,” but to feel calm, loved and accepted, and to act accordingly. My dog is very sweet, but a bit bossy and particular. No matter; since Logan began working with her, she’s been much more considerate with other dogs, more mellow generally, and calm and well-mannered around the house. There is, however, one time of day when she goes absolutely bonkers: when Logan arrives to walk her. I’ve seen her rouse herself from a sound slumber and run, half-sleeping to the door to greet him. Dogs don’t lie.

Ben A.

Logan has been walking my dog for six years. He is 100% dependable, and unusually skilled with dogs. I frequently recommend him as a walker/trainer for friends and neighbors who have dogs with behavioral issues. I have seen his quick success with excessive barkers, dogs who have aggression issues with other dogs, and dogs who are territorial when their dog walker comes to pick them up. He is an easy-going person to deal with and super professional.

Molly E.

I interviewed, with no exaggeration, over 15 dog walking services in NYC before easily selecting Logan to care for my dog during the work day. He has cared for my chihuahua and at times, my foster Rhodesian Ridgebacks, with nearly perfect reliability. My dog adores him and I trust him entirely with the well-being and safety of my dog. I cannot recommend him more highly.

Lauren M.

Logan is absolutely fantastic with dogs (my dog listens to him better than she does to me!). He helped my puppy get over her fear of NYC traffic, which was substantial, in just a couple of walks. He’s always available and willing to talk about your pet and any issues you might be having. I very much recommend him if you’re looking for someone you can trust your pet with!

Tarika D.

Logan started working with us and our dog Fiona a little over a year ago. Fiona can be a handful and needs someone who is not only experienced with dogs, but cares enough about her well being to put in the extra effort it takes to be a well established and knowledgeable pack leader. In both regards, Logan has gone above and beyond our expectations. He communicates actively with us about our dog’s progress and setbacks, he makes suggestions on how we can better work with her to ensure consistency in her training. We look forward to continuing Fiona’s walking and training with Logan and trust him completely with her.

Kat R.

Logan has been walking my dog, Roscoe, for several months now. He is highly experienced, professional, trustworthy, and extremely reliable. Once you meet Logan, you’ll see that he genuinely cares about the work he is doing, whether he’s training your dog or walking him. Roscoe LOVES his daily walks with Logan and dog-buddies. We are very lucky to have him, and wholeheartedly recommend him!

Patricia R.

I can’t recommend Logan highly enough. He’s reliable and relates incredibly well to dogs. He’s very professional, works diligently with the dogs in his care and provides more value from a dog walker than you’ve bargained for.

Michael H.