After years of working daily with dogs in NYC I see that, contrary to popular opinion, the city is a terrific place to raise a dog. Paraphrasing a perfect quote on the subject, dogs need time more than they need space. You’ll often find that the best dogs are not the ones with the biggest houses, but the ones with the most involved owners. The mistake many suburban owners make is assuming that having a backyard means their dog is getting all the exercise and stimulation s/he needs. Nothing could be further from the truth! Dogs want and need concentrated time spent with their favorite humans every day. The walk is the foundation of your life with your dog – these daily adventures are often the highlights of your dog’s day.

As such, UDC NYC believes in providing more than just a walk around the block. The truth is, if there is a shortfall of time in your schedule, a walker is not a luxury but an indispensable facet of a healthy urban dog’s life. Physical exercise is not all they need though – mental stimulation is also a crucial factor in ensuring that your dog is well balanced, and we provide that as well. Our program combines daily walks, training, and a variety of experiences for a nose to tail approach to caring for your dog.

In addition to providing a dog walking service that focuses on individual attention, my personal mission is to improve the life of the urban dog (and dogs everywhere) through information, education, and exploration of the evolving relationship between humans and canis familiaris. We promote and employ positive reinforcement methods only when working with your dog and do not use choke/shock/prong collars, intimidation, yelling, or striking (and we recommend you don’t either!). We also use only all natural, grain free treats to minimize the chance of health complications.

In addition to giving the best for our four legged buddies, we also do all we can to support our local communities, country, and planet at large. We volunteer at local dog organizations, buy products manufactured in the US, and use only biodegradable poop bags. See our Policies page for more on our ethos.

Working with dogs in the world’s greatest city is a privilege and a pleasure! I pledge to keep working daily to find ways to make your dog’s life, and yours, even fuller.

~Logan Grendel
27 February 2014