The Feel of Fall

by | Nov 9, 2017 | Logan's Howl

9 November 2017

I hope you’ve been enjoying the brisk autumn air as much as we have. Dogs tend to love the fall, as their physiology is better suited to handle cooler weather than heat. Though we humans can’t necessarily say the same, jacket weather and a bracing wind is great for walking!

Now is great time to look ahead and check your dog’s winter gear. You never know when we’ll get our first snowfall, which means paw-punishing salt and chemical ice melters on every patch of pavement. I recommend shoes or rubber booties as those offer the greatest protection, and a salve like Musher’s Secret works well if you prefer your buddy be barefoot.

Smaller dogs tend to get cold more easily, so a warm coat is a great idea for them. Larger dogs, especially those with lots of fur, may not need a coat for the temperature, but a weather resistant outer layer can at very least save you time drying them off after a wet weather walk. Minimizing after walk time means more time outside, which they’ll definitely appreciate.

Have a great day!

~Dog Man Logan Grendel